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About ActivyTec

ActivyTec LTD was founded in 2006 and it specializes in supplying general solutions for digital marketing, marketing strategies, Search Engines Optimization (SEO), Google advertising (AdWords) and social networks campaigns. We have developed unique methods which are available only for our clients

Full Availability

  • Our campaign managers are available throughout the day
  • During weekends one of our campaign managers is on stand-by duty

Unique approach to each client

  • Each of our client's campaigns is based on its own unique needs
  • Each of our clients has its own personal project manager

Full Transparency

  • Our client's campaigns are managed with full transparency and access to all data 24/7
  • Media costs and management fee are clear and reviewable

Commitment and Results

  • We're committed to delivering results
  • You, as our client, have the freedom to leave anytime, anyday with no extra cost

Above 8 years of experience

  • We have more than 8 years of experience as a company specializing in digital and internet marketing
  • All our campaign managers are Google certified

Advertising Oriented Results

  • Our advertising is results oriented
  • We are obliged to send our clients weekly/monthly reports, according to their needs

Our Numbers

- 8 Years of Expereince
- 170 clients
- 88,8150 Code lines
- 380 Projects

Main Advertising Channels

(Different segmenations for each channel)

Remarketing Retargeting

tracking potential clients everywhere they are

Facebook Advertising

Targeted and segmented advertising in social network

YouTube Advertising

Before the clip, during the clip and on the side of it

Media Advertising

Advertising in affiliates websites network

Google Advertising

 Exactly at the time when the client is looking for you

Why choose us?

Our Clients

Our Packages
We fit for each client a customized package  



  • Free coupon of 75$
  • "150 Tips" booklet

Above 1,500$


  • Free coupon of 75$
  • "150 Tips" booklet
  • Google Advertising
  • Network Advertising
  • Remarketing Advertising

Above 3,000$


  • Free coupon of 75$
  • "150 Tips" booklet
  • Google Advertising
  • Network Advertising
  • Remarketing Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO
  • Social Networks Activity
  • Newsletters

Above 7,500$


  • Free coupon of 75$
  • "150 Tips" booklet
  • Google Advertising
  • Network Advertising
  • Remarketing Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO
  • Social Networks Activity
  • Newsletters
  • Website Upgrading
  • Mobile Modification
  • Contents writing
  • Affilliation
  • Media Buying

What our clients can tell about us?

  • "I have arrived at Activitec after failed attempts in digital marketing. I found attentive, savvy and professional people, who knew how to highlight the advantages of the preparatory program, and also provide her its suitable promotion. I can strongly recommend on their services" Sachar Geva, CEO of Overseas Medical Education".

    Dr. Shachar Geva

  • "I would like to thank you for the detailed and significant summery. The campaign was successful with a wide exposure for all the events so we met our target. In general, all the events of Youth's week were very successful. I really appreciate it!. Irit Mendelson-Meir, head of Ramat Gan Youth Section".

    Irit Mendelson-Meir

Our certifications

YouTube Advertising

Google AdWords

Remarketing Retargeting

Google AdWords

Network Advertising

Google AdWords

Digital Analysis

Google Analytics

search advertising

Google AdWords

logo adwords

Where can you find us?

  13 Tuval St. Ramat Gan

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